Reunion Update

BIO: Even if you were unable to attend our 50th class reunion, please send us your bio (100 words or less) so we can update the website,as everyone is curious about what you have been doing over the last several years.  Send info to

Please send us pictures of you, your family, old pictures of friends from school, etc that we can put up on the website. You can email them to

The classmates below\came and celebrated our 50th Reunion.


William (Bill) Snyder, Traverse City, MI
Gerry & Marlissa Capen, Monee, IL
Nancy J Crandall, Traverse City, MI
Kathy (Robbins) & Amos Esman, Traverse City, MI
Kim Weir Snyder, Rochester Hills, MI
Mike & Bobbie Forster, Alabaster, AL
Dan & Kay Gould, Boulder, CO
Mel & Bonnie (Bloxsom) Renshaw, San Juan, TX
Murray & Ginny (Gilland) McKinley, Traverse City, MI
Loren & Mary Radtke, Traverse City, MI
Jerry & Sue Murphy, Allegan, MI
Duane & Kathy Straley, Blanchard, MI
Bob & Carol (Adams) Milstein, Ann Arbor, MI
Dennis & Bella Morton, Irons, MI
Linda (Wigman) Dunigan, Williamsburg, MI
Stephen Peel, Elk Rapids, MI
Celeste (Salensky) Hoppe, Traverse City, MI
Dave & Betty (Follett) Dell, Traverse City, MI
Harold & Diane Glauch, Traverse City, MI
Jerry & Christine Harvey, Bradenton, FL
Roxana (Hendges) Ostlund, Grand Rapids, MI
Jim & Nel (Jacobsen) Pickard, Suttons Bay, MI
Sheldon & Tinia Penney, Traverse City, MI
Leo & Barbara (Quick) MacInnis, Royal Oak, MI
Marlene (Riley) Milliman, Winston-Salem, NC
Royal & Carol Runyon, Traverse City, MI
Gary & Debra Rushton, Traverse City, MI
Jim & Diane (Skudlarick) Wilson, Holland, MI
Susan Sporre, Traverse City, MI
Larry & Sandra (Wieland) Endres, Traverse City, MI
Joe & Sue (Detour) Priest, Suttons Bay, MI
Sandra (Widrig) Anderson, Traverse City, MI
Steve & Judi Swan, Traverse City, MI
Carl Ferguson & Susan Kane, Traverse City, MI
Faith (Brakel) Waters, Rochester, MN
Jeff Golberg, Janesville, WI
Pete & Lynn Bossardet, Centralia, IL
Jude & Cinda Lamie, Traverse City, MI
Jim & Mary Milliken, Traverse City, MI
Michael & Anne (Back) Adams, Huntington Beach, CA
Edward Gibeau, Scottsdale, AZ
Tom & Patti (Reid) Brzezinski, Traverse City, MI
Stanley & Patti Ronk, Williamsburg, MI
Ronald & Rebecca Rhoads, Cedar, MI
Donald Owens, Traverse City, MI
Cheryl (Parker) Wilson, Kingsley, MI
David & Lynn Stradinger, Lake Ann, MI
Ryckie (Cox) Skeba, Cedar, MI
Barbara (Racey) Hardy, Traverse City, MI
Gej Jones, East Lansing, MI
Judith Danford, Traverse City, MI
Susan Noakes, Traverse City, MI
Jerry & Kay (Lewis) Dafoe, Traverse City, MI
Loren & Sandy (Pickard) Lautner, Traverse City, MI
Michael & Janet McManus, Lake Leelanau, MI
Richard & Catherine (Hills) Rice, Colorado Springs, CO
David Johnson, Traverse City, MI
Tom & Suzanne (Bannon) Cook, Traverse City, MI
Gary & Sonia Clem, Traverse City, MI
Richard “Dick” Craig, Viriginia Beach, VA
Faye Cunningham, Traverse City, MI
Pam Lantz, Northport, MI
Louie & Sharon (McWatters) LaFranier, Traverse City, MI
Robert & Debby Orth, Mequon, WI
Barbara Stanic & Diane Cleary (cousin), Sterling Heights, MI
Leon “Dick” & Linda Lichty, Traverse City, MI
Carol (Francisco) Verhage, Traverse City, MI
Charles & Sue Ellen (Bays) Harrison, St Louis, MO
Susan “Susie” Schrotenboer, Frisco, CO
Roger & Mary (Weiszer) Vanderlaan, Grand Rapids, MI
M. Lou (MacIntosh) Sancinito, Albany, GA
Jim & Kay (Archer) VanBrocklin, Traverse City, MI
Lyle Duane & Ellen Russell, Beverly Hills, MI
Bill & Jeanne (Jacobs) Alpers, Lakeland, FL
Jane Frasier, Traverse City, MI
Tom & Karen Fivenson, Ann Arbor, MI
John Noteware, Davison, MI
Robert (Bob) & Marjorie Manthei, Christchurch, New Zealand
Philip (Phil) & Claudia Harris, Waterford, WI
Jim & Susan Oberling, Brookfield, WI
Charles & Paula (Averbach) Peacock, Wyandotte, MI
Joe & Marilyn (Steele) Haines, Traverse City, MI
Sandra (Lautner) Adams, Williamsburg, MI
Karen (Kucera) Frook, Traverse City, MI
Tom & Karyl (Lada) Kroupa, Traverse City, MI
James & Candice (Barrett) Westerfield, Traverse City, MI
David & Marilyn (King) Pierman, Traverse City, MI
Mike & Lana (Bromley) Nickels, Traverse City, MI
Russell & Barbara (Read) Lentner, Ormond Beach, FL
Larry Maize, Tioga, ND
Ric Kies, Traverse City, MI
Francie Dorman, Bellaire, MI
Judy Yankee Deyoung, Sparta, MI
Marlene Zue Ralston, Traverse City, MI
Barbara Pierce Comrie, Kingsley, MI
Karen Schichtel, Chicago, IL
Dan Nickels, Traverse City, MI
Lennie Ligon, Traverse City, MI
SURVEY Results–about future get-togethers (results to date)

Should we eliminate the 5 year reunion cycle and have a yearly same place/same time reunion? Yes _15__ No __36__

Would you come to a: Picnic? __27__ Luncheon? __25__ Dinner? __32__

What month to be held?: June __1__ July __6__ August __11__ September __25__ Any month except in the winter ___|3__

Reunion Survey Comments:

* Maybe find a location for hosting a per person dinner under $30
* A nicer place for the dinner even if the cost is more or upgrade the ambiance through lighting, table settings, etc at the Elks Club. The activities you have planned this year sound wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work. At the banquet please verbally acknowledge those who have worked on this reunion, as well as other reunions.
* Does TCHS have a “Homecoming” game? If so, time reunion to that.
* If we don’t keep the 5 year cycle, I am afraid it would eventually die. We wouldn’t have to have a meal. Finger foods okay. Start at 7 or 8 pm. I attended my husband’s reunion in Silva Springs, Maryland and found out what a great job you all do. They had a class of 1000 and had less than half of the number attending then we do. After it was over I realized why. I know it is a lot of work but you are the best. That is why people come from all over. We came l700 miles and it is worth every mile. Thank you so much.
* Probably should keep 5 year reunion cycle as we’re not getting any younger!
* A luncheon or picnic in July or August would also work.
* This would be great as we’re getting older and fewer, but a LOT of work for the committee!
* Every two years instead of every year.
* That would be great. It could be a picnic tho I LOVE how we do it now. Any month from May – September but accommodations are probably most reasonable in May or September.
* During the Cherry Festival
* Could still have an annual picnic (and not eliminate our normal 5 year reunion) for anyone that wanted to come. Everyone could pay for their own if we meet for lunch or dinner at a restaurant or brings a dish to pass if picnic. Still like the idea of the 5 year reunion and have mini-reunions in between.
* Have yearly too, except on reunion year.
* Start yearly reunion after 60 years.
* Would love yearly reunion.
* You all are doing a fantastic job. Whatever you decide will be perfect. Any of the summer/Fall months would work!
* Wish I could come more often! Yearly is good but need to keep 5-year cycle too. At 5 year make it a couple of events like this year since out-of-towners come so far. Still prefer July or August–want cherries! Also had planned to bring whole family but kids are in school in Sept. Maybe vary it if annual so we get to see all the seasons!
* Let’s “re-invent the wheel” and change the venue. Have a class reunion in 5 years. Eliminate the music/dance, decorations and photo booth. Do we need a sit down dinner? Have an informal gathering so that more classmates have the opportunity to attend. Keep it simple…….
* Every year could meet at homecoming football – Sept/Oct, Saturday afternoon and gather after for casual event or hold tailgate party.
* Not quite eliminate – change. The expense for a party like this is too great for many people. I would like to see a lower cost and a more frequent, simpler gathering. I prefer the Elks Lodge, good food, ease of arrangements, reasonable food expense if the guests are simply ordering off a menu without the extras involved in a banquet style. If we met twice a year, the meeting could even be at different restaurants, smaller gathering probably, perhaps more convenient since classmates would have choice of times. Communications could be handled on-line and by word of mouth. To get a count we would RSVP online through the website. This would be for count purposes only, no payment due, so the restaurant could be prepared to serve us. It could be lunch once or twice a year in September and/or March third Saturday of the month. Attendance might be light, however, it would be easy and cheap!