Traverse City Senior High School Class of 1964 November get together will be (a week later than usual due to the 2nd Tuesday landing on Election Day) Tuesday, November 15th, at Mulligans, 2430 W Crown Dr, Traverse City, MI. 49684 at 1:30 PM.  Please RSVP to:  tcclassof64@gmail.com by Monday noon, November 14th, so a reservation can be made.  

Click here for the 55th Year Class Reunion for Class of ’64 Pictures

IN MEMORY: George J. Cottay, Jr. passed away March 17, 2022. George was married to classmate Margaret Johnson.  See full obituary in “Classmate” section.
IN MEMORY: Thomas Deo Sears passed away October 8, 2022.  He was married to classmate Christine Schneider.  See full obituary in the “Classmate” section.
IN MEMORY: Ernest Louis Olson passed away on Saturday, July 16, 2022,  See full obituary in Classmate section.
    IN MEMORY: Nelsine A. Jacobsen passed away June 29, 2022.  See obituary in          the Classmate section.
 IN MEMORY: Judith Louise (Brigham) Griffith passed away February 10, 2022.  See obituary in classmate section.
IN MEMORY: Stanley Saxton passed away July 9, 2022.  See obituary in classmate section.
IN MEMORY:  Donald Cooper Owens passed away June 19, 2022.  See obituary in classmate section.