Join Us for our monthly Class of 1964 Dinner get together
Tuesday, March 17th, 5:30 pm at Red Lobster, Traverse City, MI 49686   (We moved it to the third Tuesday in March due to election day being March 10th and some of us work the election 🙂


IN MEMORY:  John A. Haskin, PH.D passed away November 28, 2019.  See full obituary in classmate section.
IN MEMORY: Richard Lee Whipp passed away November 8, 2019.  See full obituary in classmate section
 IN MEMORY: Rex L. VanDeBogart passed away July 1, 2019.  See full   obituary in classmate section 
    IN MEMORY: John Robert Kucera passed away July 23, 2019.  See obituary in        classmate section.
 IN MEMORY: Richard (Ric) Duane Jackson Kies passed away July 5, 2019.  See obituary in classmate section.
IN MEMORY: Freddy Johnson passed away February 25, 2019 at Holmes Hospital in Melbourne, Florida.  See full obituary in the “classmate” section.
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